Well, the Fall has come and gone. Yet the project continues on our house. I have enlisted the help of a friend to keep progress going faster. He really has done a good job and thought of many solutions to things that I would have struggled with.
We ended up using Alcos’s Mastic line of siding. So far it seems to be handling quite well despite the cold temperatures here in Northern Pennsylvania!
Frank putting up the siding.

We had to replace three windows due to where the old windows were and the new roofing that will go on. We also replaced one other window and added one in the bathroom. These were windows that I had bought at an auction about 2 years ago and was just waiting for the right time to install them. Frank did them all in a snap!

House from road

Back of house.

Now just the front gable end, and some soffit  are needed, then the rest of the roof can go on the lower roof area. Can’t wait!



Our house before

Our house before

SO we have lived in our home for a little over 4 years now. We have really done quite a bit of work, though the pace has slowed down since we started having children. By “pace” I mean the pace of work on the house, not the pace of “business” in the home =).

So it has now come to the outside of the house. Last year our church came over on a saturday and helped put our metal roof on. I cant have the roof finished till I get new siding on.

So, currently I am tearing off the old compressed fiber siding and putting up 1 inch foam board insulation. It is of plank construction, the way they did it in the old days! So far its going well. I took a week off of work and really tried to get alot done. The big time taker is trimming out the windows. I framing them with 2X4’s and then wrapping the 2X4’s  with aluminum. Its coming out rather nicely, but does take up a lot of time. I believe I can already feel the difference inside the house. I tried to hit the wall that gets most of the wind first.