January 2009

Above pic used from www.omegacleaning.net

Above pic used from http://www.omegacleaning.net

Yes, I know, you say “Another project??”  Well yes. I started this business last spring (2008). It all started when I was at a mens leadership conference conference in Lancaster, Pa. During lunch one day there was a man at our table that told us he was a window cleaner. We were mildly interested until he told his story. We were all ears. He said he used to work some high-level corporate job and never had time with his boys. One day he decided he’d had enough and quit. He went to Home Depot and bought about a $100 worth of supplies and started cleaning windows. He claims that he now works half the time he did before and makes more than twice what he did before….not only that, but he is working WITH his boys!

So needless to say we started asking more in-depth questions about the details of his business and he freely spoke. He offered to send out start-up kits at no cost! He said he would go buy the buckets, rags, squeegees, and scrubbers and mail them out to everyone (4 of us) along with notes on what he learned. There was nothing to loose. He didnt want any money or recognition. He said that the Lord blessed him and its just a way to pass it along to others. Now, one thing has to be mentioned about his success…he lives in Texas. we all live in Pennsylvania. The climate in Texas is a bit more suitable for year round window cleaning.

Never-the-less, I went at it in the spring. At first it went slow. I looked up some techniques and read a lot of forums and learned what I could from those already in that kind of business. During the summer it really began to pick up steam. I was only doing this part time, on the side. Before I knew It I had 30 businesses and a few residential customers. I am looking to start a web site for the business, which by the way is called Tioga Window Cleaning. I will also be looking to hire some help come springtime. I have a few large jobs coming up and will need all the help I can get. I am also hoping my brother can move up by me and we could expand the business with more services such as power washing..which I have done  a little already.

One of the things I have kept foremost in my business outlook is that I want to provide a professional service to businesses mainly, and to residential customers. I don’t want my customers to feel like the are hiring Joe Shmoe with a bucket o’water and a squeegee. I provide much more than that, and the results show it.

I’ll keep you updated as things progress. Below are some of my customers.


Wellsboro Diner


Lambs Creek Food and Spirits

The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season


The Wellsboro House



They always loved laying near eachother.

So far we have had two dogs. They lived with us together for a while until Cadie, our Jack Russel mix died about a year and a half ago. We actually had her put down as she was having trouble walking and wasn’t able to even go out to pee on her own. She was always a feisty and loving girl and we will miss her. Our other dog, Chubby, is about 5 years old. He s a  Chocolate Lab/ German Shorthair mix. He is everything I wanted from both breeds. He has the lean muscular body and face of a Shorthair, and the calm, loving, less high-strung personality of a lab. And he is quite the natural bird dog as well! He was called chubby by my nephews who owned his mother. He was the last one to come out and was the only chocolate one, and he was the fattest! But as you can see, he is not so chubby anymore!


So handsome!

He loves kids and is vary patient with curious infants as they crawl on him and check his eyes, teeth, lips, and ears. He also loves where we live as there are plenty of rabbits to keep him ever wanting to go outside and run around. every now and then he goes on a excursion if we don’t keep our eye on him. His trips vary from the neighbors (which causes problems) to the fields out back looking for deer or any other animal. We have kept a tighter watch on him when he is out and we are in. Other times, if I am working outside, he will just find a nice spot to lay and watch me work.

He really is the dog I have always wanted.

This was used from www.sheepsheep.com

(The above picture was used from http://www.sheepsheep.com)

If you have been following this blog, you’ve noticed that we like to keep busy. Between two children under 3yrs old, an energetic dog and restoring an old house, we keep busy. We are either rushing to visit friends, driving downstate, working on the house, or taking time to be together as a family.

Our latest idea/project is to raise goats. We have mulled this over for some time now. We have a few friends that currently raise goats and we have made visits and talked with them about the pros and cons of raising goats. Many of our friends have a family cow and maybe a few beef grazing around. Seeing firsthand the benefits of raising such an animal is inspiring, but when you only have 1.3 acres, there’s not much you can do but continue to watch. That’s when the idea of goats seemed to just pop in my head. I found out that you can raise them for meat or for dairy, and they are quite tasty providers of both! Also their size is a lot more convenient for those without large tracts of land. We are currently looking into Nubians and Boer goats.

I must say though that we did get permission to use an adjoining 1.5 acres to our land. This has really been the green light we needed to start looking a bit more seriously. Otherwise, I’m not so sure how it would go, if at all. If you look at some of my past posts of our home, you will see that on the hill side above our house was used for steer a few years ago. It is now perfect goat pasture. Lots of brushy stuff, and lots of grass along with fully grown shade trees.

Showing the pasture behind the house.

We also have a temporary shelter for goats until I can build or purchase something more convenient. Its our old metal shed. It already sits right next to the adjoining land, so that works well.

Our shed right next to the pasutre already.

Our shed right next to the pasutre already.

The next thing we will need to do is work on fencing. Figuring out what kind and how much. I’ll keep you up to date as things progress!

Well, the Fall has come and gone. Yet the project continues on our house. I have enlisted the help of a friend to keep progress going faster. He really has done a good job and thought of many solutions to things that I would have struggled with.
We ended up using Alcos’s Mastic line of siding. So far it seems to be handling quite well despite the cold temperatures here in Northern Pennsylvania!
Frank putting up the siding.

We had to replace three windows due to where the old windows were and the new roofing that will go on. We also replaced one other window and added one in the bathroom. These were windows that I had bought at an auction about 2 years ago and was just waiting for the right time to install them. Frank did them all in a snap!

House from road

Back of house.

Now just the front gable end, and some soffit  are needed, then the rest of the roof can go on the lower roof area. Can’t wait!