Tomatoes, eggplant, green and purple stringbeans, broccoli, carrots, Bell Peppers

I know I post a lot about our gardens but it is a big deal to us. A lot of what we eat comes out of that soil so we think about it often. I was perusing through the recent posts and saw that there needed to be some updated pictures.

We have enjoyed a few days of rain on and off, mixed with glorious sunshine. This has been wonderful for our plants which were quite thirsty to say the least! We are very happy with the turn out this year. All of our plants are growing strong and the weeding in the raised beds has been minimal and easy to control. The corn is growing fast and tall with a rich dark green in their leaves. There is a uncontrollable smile that appears on my face when I sit back and look at all of it in the early evening hours with the sun setting behind it all.

Peas, Romaine Lettuce, Kale, Herbs

I built a fourth raised bed and am contemplating planting some spinach, strawberries (for next year) and who knows what else in it. It will be for all late start plants. I hope to keep increasing our production as we become more efficient and increasing in the quality of produce. We would like to start selling some soon. I am looking in to what is widely available and maybe maybe start growing what is not, but yet still desired in the area.

Corn, various squash to the left, Rhubarb at far end.


Tilling with helpers.

It has been a rewarding growing season so far. Just the right amount of rain and sun to get our plants bursting out of the ground. To me its a miracle when every seed produces a plant that will feed us in some fashion. I have also enjoyed having my boys help out in any way they can. Both my boys love the tiller and want to help, they also like digging and planting.

Corn Garden

Corn Garden

After we tilled this section of our garden, we had to “pick rocks”. This garden is full of them. We are using this garden for our heartier plants like corn, rhubarb and squash. They seem to do well in all kinds of soil. Over the winter I have added ash from our wood stove and other organic material to this garden to help sweeten the soil a bit more.

We have planted: Peas, romaine lettuce, string beans, carrots, broccoli, kale, spinach, celery, herbs, corn, various kinds of squash, eggplant, rhubarb and various kinds of tomatoes, grapes (already started from 3 yrs ago), and red raspberries.

Raised bed progress 2

Raised bed progress 1

Picking ROcks

Food, Inc

I have recently again been captivated by what I eat, and what my family eats. I am slowly getting an education on the food we buy and consume. What is really in it? Or not in it? Does the little picture of the farm on the packaging make you feel more secure about eating it? Is it REALLY cheaper? Keep reading