January 2010

One of the old well-kept cemeteries.

About 2 or more summers ago I was involved in a project at work. For many years our county had a map of cemeteries in the Veterans Affairs office. This map located many cemeteries with large stick-on flags. Each flag was numbered but there was no key. The man who put it together had also passed on, taking with him the knowledge of the marked cemeteries. I decided it was time to locate these and more. I had plenty of help as a former professor friend of mine enlisted some student volunteers, and then later on volunteered many of his own hours. Keep reading


A barn near me with an appropriate sign on the neighboring property. It has since collapsed all the way.

Here we go….yet another business idea I’d like to pursue! How many of you have driven by an old barn on its last legs? A collapsed barn? Do you realize how many family dairy farmers are going out of business these days? Its a sad thing but a reality. One of the assets that they can cash out on before they sell the farm is the old barn. The lumber composing that deathly gray looking beast is worth some good money. It has gotten to be quite the style to reclaim the old lumber and make furniture, flooring  or structural pieces out of it. Keep reading

When disaster strikes, there are many things that seem to happen. Those surrounding the area affected by disaster oddly observe, some act, some ignore. Those involved in the disaster suffer or survive. The surviving  is done in many ways. Keep reading

Yogurt with breakfast

I  was looking through Debbie Pearls Blog and came across a recipe, or more of a “How To”  article on making your own yogurt. I really like yogurt and last year I was offered a bowl of homemade yogurt at my friend Dave’s house. I had always just assumed it was a complicated process and so I never ventured to try it…till I read Debbi’s blog. Keep reading

Our house

I thank God most everyday for the home he has given me. Not just the house itself, but all that encompasses our Home. The house is a large part of that. But add in the location, neighbors, the wife and children that fill the house, the animals in and around our home, and Gods presence in the midst of it all. Nothing is sweeter! Keep reading