Pickled venison heart

I know what your thinking. YUCK! Right? Well as my title suggests, let’s get to the heart of it. First off, throw off everything you think you know about eating a heart. Then realize that the heart is NOT an organ, let me repeat, it is NOT an organ. It is a muscle, just like the tenderloin you love so much, or the sirloin. It is one of the most tender pieces of meat on a deer. It does not have a funny texture either. The first time someone offered me some heart, I reacted the same way that you might have. I envisioned  a pasty, mushy,  liver like substance. I was not dis-heartened, rather, I was pleasantly surprised to taste something completely different to all my false ideas. It tasted just like a tender piece of roast. Keep reading


For many years that I had hunted the white tail deer and was successful, I would take the deer to a local processor to get my venison. It started at around $45 and I began thinking I should do it myself when it was reaching $60. I hear that today, near where I live, it is reaching $75 and more. There is no reason why anyone should have to shell out that kind of cash to have a deer processed.

Bone-in venison

I am not knocking the processor, I would do it to if I had the set up at home. Seems like easy money. But no one should have to think that that is the only way to get it done. It is very simple to do it yourself. I decided one year, that I was going to try it. If it didn’t work out right I would just have it all ground. I figured It was worth giving it a shot, just so I would know if it was possible to do at home. Boy, am I glad I did! Keep reading

Grilled Venison

Take a look at your dinner table right before you dig in. Look at those veggies in the bowl…where did they come from? That barbecued chicken, steak, or even the sausage  on that pizza in front of you…where did it come from?  Now, I don’t expect you to say “The ground”, “A pig”, “A cow”, or anything sarcastic like that. What I want you to think about, is WHERE did it come from?I remember last year being shocked to look on a bag of frozen vegetables and reading “Product of China” !! Anymore we are mostly used to our food being shipped from Central or even South America.

So much of the food in grocery stores today Keep reading