Tilling with helpers.

It has been a rewarding growing season so far. Just the right amount of rain and sun to get our plants bursting out of the ground. To me its a miracle when every seed produces a plant that will feed us in some fashion. I have also enjoyed having my boys help out in any way they can. Both my boys love the tiller and want to help, they also like digging and planting.

Corn Garden

Corn Garden

After we tilled this section of our garden, we had to “pick rocks”. This garden is full of them. We are using this garden for our heartier plants like corn, rhubarb and squash. They seem to do well in all kinds of soil. Over the winter I have added ash from our wood stove and other organic material to this garden to help sweeten the soil a bit more.

We have planted: Peas, romaine lettuce, string beans, carrots, broccoli, kale, spinach, celery, herbs, corn, various kinds of squash, eggplant, rhubarb and various kinds of tomatoes, grapes (already started from 3 yrs ago), and red raspberries.

Raised bed progress 2

Raised bed progress 1

Picking ROcks



I have recently been made aware of a movement of sorts among some folks. These people call themselves “Preppers”. The meaning of this term “prepping” is the idea of preparing yourself for a devastating event…usually with the idea of the end times, or like Armageddon. But some would hold to the idea of being prepared for any disaster, like a severe storm, severe economic depression or anything like that.
I applaud many of the ideas that you see amongst “preppers” in that they have made themselves aware of where food really comes from, and what to do when its not available. Many propose the idea of raising/growing as much of your own as possible, and canning it or preserving it some other way. They also share useful ideas of how to store food for long periods of time, how to find water and so on. These are all important things to know anyway. It’s the same idea as homesteading, which from many of my posts you can see that I am in great favor of this type of lifestyle.

a Picture of Homesteading (http://tinyurl.com/2e83mw7)

What I have a hard time with is the common thread of being militant. Keep reading

Our house

I thank God most everyday for the home he has given me. Not just the house itself, but all that encompasses our Home. The house is a large part of that. But add in the location, neighbors, the wife and children that fill the house, the animals in and around our home, and Gods presence in the midst of it all. Nothing is sweeter! Keep reading