April 2010

Food, Inc

I have recently again been captivated by what I eat, and what my family eats. I am slowly getting an education on the food we buy and consume. What is really in it? Or not in it? Does the little picture of the farm on the packaging make you feel more secure about eating it? Is it REALLY cheaper? Keep reading


Diane, Molly, and Gabby

We finally have goats! It has taken a while to get everything ready, and there are still a few things that need to be done, but we have three goats now. There names are as the title suggests. Molly and Diane are the biggst of the two and are still sorting out who is really the top goat. Diane is a tad smaller, but she has come from a herd that is mostly in pasture and she has horns. When we picked her up she was timid and kind. Now that she is with two new goats, she is not so timid, yet still kind and personable. Keep reading