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This isnt the same pond, but a good picture of my boy fishing.

There is nothing better than coming home after a long summer days work to your 4 yr old running to your arms saying “Now we can go fishing!” He had called me earlier in the day to ask if we could go and I was glad to tell him yes. I had a job to do after my normal job and it went longer than I expected. On my way home I was feeling awful. Like one of those dad’s you see in the movies that always promises his kids something and never follows through. This was the first time it would have ever happened, but was still as awful a feeling as it could ever be.
I got home about a half hour past his bedtime to find him and his brother still outside playing on the swings. He ran into my arms so excited to go fishing. I was very happy to hear that Momma was ok with a special late night fishing trip. SO without even eating dinner or getting a potty break, I took him to the neighbors pond. He was so excited..and so was I.
When we got there, the pond was lined with thick cattails. I was a little disappointed as I thought he would never be able to cast out through them (he is only 4).
After about three casts that landed smack in front of him in the cattails, he was able to get the lure out of the cattails with ease and then began casting clear over the cattails and out into the MIDDLE of the pond…if not further…consistently!
As he reeled it in, he learned how to finagle the lure through the cattails without getting seriously hung up. I tell you I was, and am, so proud of my boy! He has natural talent. I am excited to have such a capable fishing partner at such a young age.
We stayed out till dark and he got to see lightening bugs and 3 deer to boot!

Our house

I thank God most everyday for the home he has given me. Not just the house itself, but all that encompasses our Home. The house is a large part of that. But add in the location, neighbors, the wife and children that fill the house, the animals in and around our home, and Gods presence in the midst of it all. Nothing is sweeter! Keep reading

Welcome to the nuthouse.

It seems that as I get older (even by the month), I get more and more business ideas or ventures that I want to pursue. Just over the last three years I have wanted, or have pursued a window cleaning business, having goats, chickens, coffee shop, maple syrup making, and teaching a course on hunting and venison preparation for Foodies
These all seem to be well and good, until you add into the mix that I am a full time dad with a wife, job, house to maintain, family to visit and so on. When all these ideas start pouring into my mind, I often step back and say “I CANT do all of these!!” But I so want to.
Where does it come from? Keep reading

This is my favorite time of the year. The air is cooler, potential for snow is in the air, wood stoves are burning, and hunting seasons are in mid-swing.

Thanksgiving seems to me to be tied to a wonderful heritage of self-sufficiency that has been all but lost in most Americans. The idea of growing your own food, hunting for your own food,  or raising your own food is mostly an interesting oddity to most Americans these days.  People are just so used to ordering food from a restaurant menu or seeing it all neatly packaged in plastic at the super grocery store down the road.

The personal interaction with agriculture is lost. The appreciation of a sacrificed life, or the toil of the earth is distant. I am thankful for being able to live where I do. It gives me plenty of opportunity to appreciate healthy homegrown and harvested foods. These foods not only cost less, but are much more healthy for your body as they do not contain all kinds of hormones, antibiotics, or chemical sprays.

I also love this time of year because my family is together under one roof. The conversation that fills the air is wonderful. Watching the kids play with each other, some excited about hunting in a few days, puts a smile on my face.

I will be traveling a few hours to my brothers house for the thanksgiving meal, and then returning with  another brother and his children and another one of my nephews. My home in North central PA turns into “Deer Camp” for the next few days after thanksgiving. Its a time of year that I favor most and just wanted to share my thoughts about it with you.

Hunting Success



Baptism by a good friend and brother.

A few weeks ago my wife and I gave a public testimony of being born again and being a new creature that has been cleaned by the blood of Christ. Though we were saved some years ago, neither of us had had the believers baptism. My wife had been baptized as a child in the Presbyterian church. But all that is, is some commitment thing of the parents to raise their children in a Godly home. It says nothing about the individuals salvation. In fact, to my knowledge, there is never a mention in the Bible about infant baptism. It is rather a practice held over from the Catholic church rituals. Some may argue that it was a compromise in the early church days since the Catholic church was persecuting those who got re-baptized, which basically was a statement saying that the Catholic church baptism was of no value. Keep reading

Chubbs with nephew

Chubbs with nephew

…do you spend on a family dog? This is the question that has come to mind recently. We have a family dog named “Chubby”. He is a very healthy and friendly 5 yr old lab/GSP mix. He is great with the little kids, loves to hunt, and is very handsome!
We got him for free from my brothers dog. We brought him home when he was 6 months old. He had already received the name Chubby from my nephews who noticed that he was the fattest of all the puppies in the litter. He was also the last one to be born and the only all chocolate colored one.
Up till about a week ago it has been relatively easy to take care of him. Keep reading

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