June 2010

20-30 min old!

We now have two new baby goat kids! Our Gabby was pregnant when we got her in late April…or was it early May, anyways, we weren’t really sure how far along, or if she was pregnant at all when we got her. But she started getting wider as the days went on and we were sure she was pregnant. We just didn’t know when the kids were due. We started seeing some signs that she was getting close. She started moving slower, the area under her tail started protruding out and she was laying down a lot more. But a day or two before she had the kids, she was as lively as ever. So we figured she still had a ways to go.



I was out in the garden on Friday night picking lettuce and kale for dinner. I had been out there for about 10 minutes and I heard this loud high pitch balling. I knew it wasn’t one of the four goats. So I ran up to the pen and saw Gabby with her two new little ones! I was SOOOO excited to go and tell my boys. I ran to the house and shouted for Charles to come out and see the new babies. He popped off the couch so fast and ran to get his shoes on. I think he was just as excited, if not more so, as I was. Keep reading


Tilling with helpers.

It has been a rewarding growing season so far. Just the right amount of rain and sun to get our plants bursting out of the ground. To me its a miracle when every seed produces a plant that will feed us in some fashion. I have also enjoyed having my boys help out in any way they can. Both my boys love the tiller and want to help, they also like digging and planting.

Corn Garden

Corn Garden

After we tilled this section of our garden, we had to “pick rocks”. This garden is full of them. We are using this garden for our heartier plants like corn, rhubarb and squash. They seem to do well in all kinds of soil. Over the winter I have added ash from our wood stove and other organic material to this garden to help sweeten the soil a bit more.

We have planted: Peas, romaine lettuce, string beans, carrots, broccoli, kale, spinach, celery, herbs, corn, various kinds of squash, eggplant, rhubarb and various kinds of tomatoes, grapes (already started from 3 yrs ago), and red raspberries.

Raised bed progress 2

Raised bed progress 1

Picking ROcks

This isnt the same pond, but a good picture of my boy fishing.

There is nothing better than coming home after a long summer days work to your 4 yr old running to your arms saying “Now we can go fishing!” He had called me earlier in the day to ask if we could go and I was glad to tell him yes. I had a job to do after my normal job and it went longer than I expected. On my way home I was feeling awful. Like one of those dad’s you see in the movies that always promises his kids something and never follows through. This was the first time it would have ever happened, but was still as awful a feeling as it could ever be.
I got home about a half hour past his bedtime to find him and his brother still outside playing on the swings. He ran into my arms so excited to go fishing. I was very happy to hear that Momma was ok with a special late night fishing trip. SO without even eating dinner or getting a potty break, I took him to the neighbors pond. He was so excited..and so was I.
When we got there, the pond was lined with thick cattails. I was a little disappointed as I thought he would never be able to cast out through them (he is only 4).
After about three casts that landed smack in front of him in the cattails, he was able to get the lure out of the cattails with ease and then began casting clear over the cattails and out into the MIDDLE of the pond…if not further…consistently!
As he reeled it in, he learned how to finagle the lure through the cattails without getting seriously hung up. I tell you I was, and am, so proud of my boy! He has natural talent. I am excited to have such a capable fishing partner at such a young age.
We stayed out till dark and he got to see lightening bugs and 3 deer to boot!


I have recently been made aware of a movement of sorts among some folks. These people call themselves “Preppers”. The meaning of this term “prepping” is the idea of preparing yourself for a devastating event…usually with the idea of the end times, or like Armageddon. But some would hold to the idea of being prepared for any disaster, like a severe storm, severe economic depression or anything like that.
I applaud many of the ideas that you see amongst “preppers” in that they have made themselves aware of where food really comes from, and what to do when its not available. Many propose the idea of raising/growing as much of your own as possible, and canning it or preserving it some other way. They also share useful ideas of how to store food for long periods of time, how to find water and so on. These are all important things to know anyway. It’s the same idea as homesteading, which from many of my posts you can see that I am in great favor of this type of lifestyle.

a Picture of Homesteading (http://tinyurl.com/2e83mw7)

What I have a hard time with is the common thread of being militant. Keep reading