The days are getting closer to when we have our own goats. As stated in another post, we have decided to go the pet/meat path for now instead of dairy goats. I know goats shouldn’t be seen as pets  and meat at the same time. But my goal is to have meat goats…but for now may be considered pets. I don’t think at first that I will be able to do the butchering. I think it might be easier to take them somewhere.  I think it will be too easy to get attached to only two or three goats as apposed to many.

So in preparation we have measured out  a 100′ by 100′ enclosure which will include our old metal shed. The roof on the shed had holes  rusted through it and holes in the plywood. Last night we cleaned out the shed and I ripped off and replaced the roof with some leftover metal roofing I had from our house re-roofing project. Everything went real easy and quickly.

Shed roof repair

Shed roof repair

I also started weed whacking around the perimeter of the area we are going to fence so that installing the fence will be easy.

Our next steps will be making a better floor in the shed for the goats and then purchasing the fence and fencer. We were going to go with the electric netting fence, which is quite expensive. But we talked with a friend of ours who suggested that we use 4 strands of 9-wire electric fence and get a mature goat along with one or two that are still young. So the older goat will be familiar with electric wire fence and also know how to graze.

This route will be much less expensive and allow us to expand our pasture area over time.

Some our pasture

Some our pasture


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If you have been following this blog, you’ve noticed that we like to keep busy. Between two children under 3yrs old, an energetic dog and restoring an old house, we keep busy. We are either rushing to visit friends, driving downstate, working on the house, or taking time to be together as a family.

Our latest idea/project is to raise goats. We have mulled this over for some time now. We have a few friends that currently raise goats and we have made visits and talked with them about the pros and cons of raising goats. Many of our friends have a family cow and maybe a few beef grazing around. Seeing firsthand the benefits of raising such an animal is inspiring, but when you only have 1.3 acres, there’s not much you can do but continue to watch. That’s when the idea of goats seemed to just pop in my head. I found out that you can raise them for meat or for dairy, and they are quite tasty providers of both! Also their size is a lot more convenient for those without large tracts of land. We are currently looking into Nubians and Boer goats.

I must say though that we did get permission to use an adjoining 1.5 acres to our land. This has really been the green light we needed to start looking a bit more seriously. Otherwise, I’m not so sure how it would go, if at all. If you look at some of my past posts of our home, you will see that on the hill side above our house was used for steer a few years ago. It is now perfect goat pasture. Lots of brushy stuff, and lots of grass along with fully grown shade trees.

Showing the pasture behind the house.

We also have a temporary shelter for goats until I can build or purchase something more convenient. Its our old metal shed. It already sits right next to the adjoining land, so that works well.

Our shed right next to the pasutre already.

Our shed right next to the pasutre already.

The next thing we will need to do is work on fencing. Figuring out what kind and how much. I’ll keep you up to date as things progress!