Above pic used from www.omegacleaning.net

Above pic used from http://www.omegacleaning.net

Yes, I know, you say “Another project??”  Well yes. I started this business last spring (2008). It all started when I was at a mens leadership conference conference in Lancaster, Pa. During lunch one day there was a man at our table that told us he was a window cleaner. We were mildly interested until he told his story. We were all ears. He said he used to work some high-level corporate job and never had time with his boys. One day he decided he’d had enough and quit. He went to Home Depot and bought about a $100 worth of supplies and started cleaning windows. He claims that he now works half the time he did before and makes more than twice what he did before….not only that, but he is working WITH his boys!

So needless to say we started asking more in-depth questions about the details of his business and he freely spoke. He offered to send out start-up kits at no cost! He said he would go buy the buckets, rags, squeegees, and scrubbers and mail them out to everyone (4 of us) along with notes on what he learned. There was nothing to loose. He didnt want any money or recognition. He said that the Lord blessed him and its just a way to pass it along to others. Now, one thing has to be mentioned about his success…he lives in Texas. we all live in Pennsylvania. The climate in Texas is a bit more suitable for year round window cleaning.

Never-the-less, I went at it in the spring. At first it went slow. I looked up some techniques and read a lot of forums and learned what I could from those already in that kind of business. During the summer it really began to pick up steam. I was only doing this part time, on the side. Before I knew It I had 30 businesses and a few residential customers. I am looking to start a web site for the business, which by the way is called Tioga Window Cleaning. I will also be looking to hire some help come springtime. I have a few large jobs coming up and will need all the help I can get. I am also hoping my brother can move up by me and we could expand the business with more services such as power washing..which I have done  a little already.

One of the things I have kept foremost in my business outlook is that I want to provide a professional service to businesses mainly, and to residential customers. I don’t want my customers to feel like the are hiring Joe Shmoe with a bucket o’water and a squeegee. I provide much more than that, and the results show it.

I’ll keep you updated as things progress. Below are some of my customers.


Wellsboro Diner


Lambs Creek Food and Spirits

The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season


The Wellsboro House


This sign and barn are on my way to and from work. I didn’t notice the humor in their unintentional placement till a friend pointed it out to me.  If you can read the bottom of the sign it reads “Keeping the past alive” mean while the beautiful old barn behind it is falling to the ground ever so slowly. It’s ashame because it was a big beautiful old barn.

I think it goes to show that we are only interested in keeping the past alive when it means we can have a festival about it. I think the event that is associated with the sign however is a quality one. And it is very educational about how things were done agriculturally in the past. But sadly, there are some things in the past that will just continue to die out and be essentially forgotten, unless thier is a need for it. Apparently this barn is not needed.

Although I do wonder how much profit there is to gain in reclaiming the old beams!

Ledger Books and reciepts.

I was happily invited to be one of few people to access the vault in an old building in downtown Wellsboro. It was in a building which was/is William Binghams Land Office. William Bingham was a wealthy merchant from Philadelphia who lived in the latter part of the 1700’s to the early 1800’s. He owned much of the land here in Northcentral Pa and also into New York (hence Binghampton) and about 2 million acres in Maine.

He was a wealthy states man and merchant, of which he made his fortune. At one point he was known to be the richest man in the U.S. and held many different offices. He also funded the Louisiana Purchase. You can read more about him here and here.

In Wellsboro, facing the serenity of The Green, sits a pale yellow building housing a small walk-in vault containing millions of handwritten notes of transaction, deed descriptions, maps and personal letters of the Bingham estate.

Land reciepts and deed descriptions (1800\'s)

All of these are originals and are extremely well preserved. I was honored to be in this room looking through these items. Someone had enough forethought to label most everything so anyone researching would have an idea what a certain packet of papers or a drawers contents were. I was so surprised as to the quality of many of these documents. It felt almost as if he didn’t live so long ago as I read and handled hand written letters which he composed by candle light at some desk.

We came upon this vaults existence through a boundary research project our county is doing. We are finding the real county boundary lines and all the Township boundary lines within. There are quite a few that are still a mystery even after weeks of research and field work, finding and surveying old stone markers and what not.

That is where, somewhere in this vault, lies the answers.