I had been reading here and there about Joel Salatin and his pastured poultry and egg-mobiles. A few Google searches and you will find many varieties of his design that

Joel Salatin

others have used. Scouring through these photos and blogs about how folks built them and why, led me to start my own as well…that and because our chickens were disappearing one by one each night by some varmint, a possum I think.
So i decided that mine was going to make use of treated 2X4’s for the base frame and runners. The front and back board would be notched at the ends to fit over the runners and be off the ground about 1.5″ so as to make it easier for moving and so as to not trap chicken feet under the back when moving it.


The back of the runners I cut at an angle so that it drags better. I am thinking of doing the same in the front. I was planning on using cattle or goat panels for the metal hoop frame. That was until I went to Tractor Supply and saw how much a 16 ft panel cost…$52!! So I bought a 50ft roll of fence that was less rigid. It wouldn’t form a semi-circle on its own, so that required me to do a bit of framing. This adds weight and frustration and time when building it. Though I am pleased with the finished product.
For the next one, I would like to get my hands on some used cattle/goat panels.

Back of egg-mobile