Me (Rob), my 3 boys, and my wife.

Hi, I guess you want to know a little about me. I am a happily married man with two beautiful boys. We live in Tioga County, Pennsylvania and enjoy its rural qualities. We made the move to start our family here for various reasons. The foremost is the quality of life for us and our children. There are many benefits in an agricultural environment and upbringing that cant be had in a suburban or urban environment. We also felt it was important to be able to have our own foundation as a family, yet still be within a few hours drive of relatives. We have developed a strong network of friends and community here. We have also been led to a strong fellowship of believers in Christ and enjoy many aspects of being fitly joined together with them as one body.

Northcentral Pennsylvania is an outdoorsmens playground and a homesteaders paradise. We look forward to raising various animals and becoming more self-sufficient, while submitting to character building chores related to a homesteading lifestyle. I hope you enjoy my writings, and I will try to be faithful in writing often.


One Response to “About”

  1. MJ Shanks Says:

    I am the volunteer editor of a small newsletter for the Oregon Ridge Nature Center, a local nature center in MD. We have a Maple Sugar program each year. I saw a photo of one of you sons where he is just about to catch a drop of sap on his tongue. It would make a great front page photo for our Feb/Mar issue. Would you give your permission to use it? We cannot afford to pay for the photo, but I could publicize your blog if you wished.

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