In the military we were constantly reminded to be unpredictable in our daily travels and tasks to keep unknown threats confused. It seems that among the ranks of our chickens, Sgt. Rooster has been issuing the same orders to the hens.

Our hens starting laying eggs about a month ago. Nice brown eggs. One or two of our six hens were venturing in the coop and leaving the wonderful gift that I would later find and collect with my boys. About a week later, one hen decided to start laying in the pine shavings in the goats shed. Amazingly, the goats tiptoe around the eggs. I have not seen one crushed yet!

About 2 weeks ago, I was getting disappointed and frustrated that the hens had stopped laying eggs in the coop after what seemed to be a good start. They were laying maybe 3 eggs a day up to that point. I couldn’t figure out what caused the withholding of their dues. I starting randomly checking out the tall grasses nearby when going to feed the goats but never found any evidence of stashing. I figured either they aren’t getting enough nutrition, or water, or maybe the cold weather had turned off the production.

Last night I was getting my drill together so I could unscrew the roof of the coop for my daily check (I am working on fixing the roof so this isn’t such a laborious and inefficient task). I bent over to get the extension cord plug and saw a glimpse of what looked to be a white egg under the coop! I kneeled down and sure enough there were about 4 white and brown eggs! They had made a little nest UNDER the coop! Then my eyes saw just a foot further under the coop a large nest FULL of eggs! At least a dozen or more piled in the self made nest!!

I’m on to them now! Looks like I’ll have to screen around under the coop and make the inside of the coop more attractive. Oh…they all sleep in the tree OVER the coop every night too!

Egg Stash!