November 2007

Meth Pamphlet 

I have come away from a training given by the sheriff’s office. It was on how to identify likely methamphetamine labs when out in the field working. During the training the topic turned toward the children that are unfortunately subjected to this kind of environment. The pamphlet that was handed out contains a picture of a baby in diapers being handed off from one officer to another who are dressed in full tactical operations garb. The baby is crying. I don’t know what this does to your heart, but I was bothered at how it affected me so strongly.

Right there in my seat I started thinking about that poor baby and all the other little tikes in that kind of situation. I wanted to do something. I started thinking that if I had no obstacles what would I do to make that situation right? Every path I took in my head had a dead end. Its too late, the child is already living that life. If I were able to adopt it, it would cry for its mother! No matter how awful of a mother, it has a natural emotional tie to its mother. Even if he/she has a happy home in my home, they will still live with the fact that its natural mother and father did not care about them, never had the love he or she deserved from his or her mother and father. Thats what breaks my heart. But, in the end, it could be for the best. I’d have a large house and a huge family of natural born and “rescued” children.

Then I start thinking, would that just distract me from giving attention to my own natural children? Oh how that hurts for me to think of. The fact is, this is a fallen world and there is a lot of pain. A lot of that pain is going to happen, some of that pain can be healed and some yet prevented. All I can do is give my life, heart and everything to God and be willing to be led by Him. I cant save the world, but I can be used by the One who can save people from the world!


I have finally come to the point where I feel that it would be interesting to travel the path of most others in starting a blog. It wasn’t long ago that I didn’t even know what that word meant. But as I have read other peoples blogs and started to cultivate more thoughts in my own head, I realized it would be neat to jot them down….in a public place.

Now, I understand that this may never be read by anyone, and thats fine with me. I will cover many topics from community life, church, the outdoors, home life and you name it. It is not my goal to try and create the worlds best blog. But rather a place to just publish my thoughts so that the occasional wanderer that lands on this blog can read and maybe respond or just walk away thinking about the things that I am thinking about.

My real inspiration was from reading my friend, Dave’s, blog ( the past few weeks. I like the style, though mine may not turn out exactly like his. It is not my intention for it to be so.

So go grab a warm cup of coffee, hot chocolate, cup of tea or anything and sit back and read, respond, ……or surf away to something more interesting.