Obama/Putin (pic from voiceofrussia.com )

(pic from voiceofrussia.com )

It is interesting to me to stand back and look at all the political followers. You have your liberals who follow Obama and have historically opposed going ┬áinto any war. Then you have the conservatives who can’t stand Obama and are all about being a Patriot and conserving America’s foundational values.

The latter group would probably be the group that you would more likely hear how bad Russia is and how unamerican any russian sympathy would be…stemming from the cold war in the 80’s.

So now we are at an interesting crossroads. Now we have Obama wanting to go to war, EVEN against UN’s advice to not do it. And we have Putin asking for diplomacy. Here in the states, the Republicans are all over the place in agreement and against it.

I will enjoy watching who the conservatives line themselves up with. If you don’t like Obama, then you gotta side with a Russian! Hows that for an identity crisis?

Just so you know, I don’t take any political standpoint. I would probably be closer to conservative Ideals, but even they aren’t a group I would align myself with. Read some of my other posts and you will get a feel for where I am at.