We decideded to raise a few rabbits. My wife looked into how to raise them and which breeds were best for resale and for meat production. It seemed like a feasible way to raise quality meat quickly. We decided on the New Zealand and Lion head breeds though initially we were taking in any free rabbits that were a larger size.

We ended up with 7 rabbits very quickly. After some more research we were able to decide which rabbits to breed. We gave some of the lesser desired breeds away to other folks through the Facebook Backyard Meat Rabbits group. So with 7 rabbits, 5 of them being does, we were going to need a real rabbit hutch. I had some pallets stored for a large barn I am planning to build soon so I borrowed from that pile and bought two sheets of plywood and a few 2×3’s, and still had some leftover metal roofing. Now we needed cages.IMG_20151222_161952725(1)

After shopping around, it seemed that the most affordable setup was the Dumor stackable rabbit cage starter kit. We wanted them to be stackable so that we could make the most of our space. After we purchased them, I began to assemble them….then I saw there were no instructions on how to stack them and the frames had no real way of stacking! I looked all over the internet for some sort of instructions or video or even a better picture….NOTHING!

IMG_20151124_122639587_HDRMy handy neighbor came over to assess the situation with me and we came up with a plan to modify the cages so they would stack. First, we came to the conclusion we needed some sort of dowel or stick to fit inside the metal frame tubing so that the framing on the top cage would fit over the same dowel snugly so that the cages would stack firmly.IMG_20151124_122651955_HDR

My neighbor had some small pieces of oak trim laying around. He cut them into 3 inch strips and planed/sanded them down to the right thickness. Then we nailed a small trim nail through the center of the wood strips. I took them over to the cages and tapped them into the top of each frame tube of the bottom cages. Then I placed the top cage over and fit each corner frame tube down over the rest of the oak strip. It fit very snug and firm. IMG_20151124_122644518

I am happy with the way it came out but VERY dissatisfied with Dumors claim that they are stackable out of the box. Anyone else have any other ideas?IMG_20151203_103206931_HDR