This blog has received quite a few followers since I last wrote here. Which makes me feel extra guilty for not posting regularly. Since then, there have been a few job changes, kids have grown older, and different animals that have come and gone.

We attempted raising a sheep from weened stage to slaughter. It went so well that I think we will try

Lamb and strawberries

Lamb and strawberries

doing some more in the near future. It was easy to manage as it preferred the grass to the weedy stuff that our goats prefer. So there was always enough for it to eat without competing with the goats. The goats definitely ruled the pasture and barn over the sheep. We ended up with 38 lbs. of lamb meat with hardly having to feed any hay and only minimal grain for about 4 or 5 months. Not bad.

We also recently sent our two Boer goats out to get bred. We take them to Little Angel Acres in Millerton, Pa. She has great breeding stock and we have always been happy with her accommodations, price, and kindness. This year they buck was a dapple Boer. His color reminded me of an Appaloosa horse. I have looked online for images of one that looked just like him, but I couldn’t find any that looked as handsome as he does. So, needless to say, we are excited to see the offspring in April.

1.3 acres $139,000

1.3 acres $139,000

We have also put our home up for sale. We had an offer within a months time and it was a long ordeal that eventually fell apart because the USDA does not approve homes with a spring for a water source. Isn’t that so ridiculous? Our spring is an improved spring with a 750 gal. holding tank. There is always plenty of water, no surface contamination, not hard or soft, no sulfur….its what people pay big money for! The wells in the area usually have sulfur and iron in the water. And they would only guarantee the loan if a well was dug. So backwards.

So the house is back up for sale. We are in agreement on another home that we will be able to own mortgage free with a little more land for our goats and chickens to roam.


Merlin, Me, Phil

I have also partnered in a new company called Remote Intelligence, LLC. Its is a company that provides advanced aerial services using UAV’s, or more widely known as drones. This technology is used for a wide array of useful and productive data capture from wildlife surveys, timber stand evaluation, and mapping, ┬áto security, construction management, precision agriculture, cinematography and more.

I have not posted anything related to political or social current events recently. I have a few thoughts I would like to share in anther post. I will be building another pallet barn once we finally move and will be posting about that as that is what has attracted most of my viewers. But what I wold really like to hear from you all, is what you would like me to look in to? I want to hear from my audience what you would want me to post about.