Those of you who read my blog, or even those of you who happen to come across it looking for pallet ideas, homesteading ideas or the like, I assume you have similar interests as I do. You probably prefer a simpler life away from the city. Maybe you have dreamt about moving a little further out into the ruralness of Pennsylvania….the north central area perhaps.

From reading previous posts you can see how much I value the way things are around here. Having large tracts of state forestland just a stones throw away, a bounty of back roads scented with sweet smelling hay in the summer, calling you to leave a trail of dust on them, the county seat of Wellsboro being a beautiful little town as if plucked from Mayberry and hidden in the middle of the hills here, pure native trout streams…all this and yet still being within a 30-40 min drive to a decent sized “city”. At least a city big enough to be called one, yet not so big that it has the sprawl of the large ones. Philadelphia is an easy 3 hour zip down a few highways, Pittsburgh a bit further the other direction, and Harrisburg about 2.5 hours straight south. This provides enough distance to be far enough away, yet not so far that it cant be driven as often as needed. I should know, we travel to the Philadelphia area at least once a month.

If you desire to call your home here, you have found the right person. Among my many activities, I decided to get my Real Estate license this year. I joined up with RE/MAX in the little town of Mansfield. Its a locally owned franchise and I enjoy being able to tour the many properties that are listed for sale. I am specializing in land, timber, and farm type properties. This would really fit my character and what I enjoy most because it will keep me in contact with those of you who are looking for a spot to enjoy life a little closer to nature. 

Maybe you are looking for a more agrarian lifestyle, or more of a hobby farm idea. I have seen many properties like those come up for sale, ranging from small 5 acre farms to extremely large farms ready for operation, to Grand-pops farm where he is just too old to keep his farm going and has no offspring interested in keeping it running.

Or maybe you are looking for a piece of wooded land to pull in a camper now and then or build a cabin, or maybe even already have a cabin on it. No need to worry, we have plenty of cabins around! Whether lake front, stream front, river front, or just up in the woods, there is usually something to find.

So, if you are considering, or are actually ready to find something like I have mentioned, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to help someone fulfill their dreams of owning a piece of north-central Pennsylvania!

That goes for those of you who are wanting to sell some too! =)